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Our taproom is adjacent to our small production space in downtown Harrisonburg at the intersection of Rock, Liberty, and Main Street in one of the old Big L Tire buildings. Come for a visit and try our lineup of Standard, Seasonal, and Specialty ciders, buy a bottle, Traveller, or growler to go, and pick up some sweet merch to rep your favorite local cidery. You can also take a tour of our production facility, learn about cider and apples, make new friends, or connect with old friends. The possibilities are endless. 


Monday // Closed

Tuesday // Closed

Wednesday // 4 PM - 11 PM

Thursday // 4 PM - 11 PM

Friday // 4 PM - 11 PM

Saturday // 11 AM - 11 PM

Sunday // 11 AM - 11 PM


There are some parking spots available directly in front of the cidery. If those are full, there is free street parking in front of the cidery and throughout the city as well as two free parking garages on Wolfe/Elizabeth Street and Water/Bruce Street.

You can avoid parking altogether and do a small thing for the environment by walking, riding your bike (or skateboard, scooter, roller skates, etc), or getting a ride from our friends at the FriendlyCity Pedicab.


We offer Route 11 chips that you can purchase at the bar to stave off your hunger. If you are looking for something more substantial, we encourage you to bring food from home, pick something up from one of the many amazing restaurants downtown, or have it delivered via bicycle by our friends at GiddyUp Couriers.


We love all animals, particularly our canine friends, and well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome in our taproom and outdoor areas. We ask that you respect the space, other customers, and other pets. Please note that we reserve the right to remove any animal at any time from the premises. Service animals are of course welcome in all public spaces throughout our facility. 



01) If you are sick or have been in recent contact with someone who is, do not come here. Get healthy or wait to see that you stay healthy and then give us a visit!


02) Respect our staff. They don't make the rules, but they have to enforce them. It is a stressful time for everyone; please be kind and understanding. We will ask you to follow our guidelines if we notice them being broken. We don't want to have to do that, and we suspect you don't want for us to do that either.


03) Masks are required at all times unless seated at your table with food or drink. We have masks for customers who forgot one. To-go options are available for customers who cannot or will not wear a mask. We do this to follow Virginia law and to keep our staff, ourselves, and our customers safer. No exceptions here.


04) Tables and chairs are appropriately distanced. Please do not move them.


05) Bar seating is unavailable at this time due to phase 3 guidelines.


06) While mingling is fun, we ask that you stay with your group at your table.


07) We clean and sanitize tables after every use. There are signs on each table to indicate whether or not it has been sanitized. If you would like to sit at a dirty table, please find a staff member and they will clean it for you.


08) Hand sanitizer is available... use it!


09) Please maintain 6ft distancing between other parties if at all possible. We do not have a huge space, so at times it may be difficult, but please be mindful of other groups.


10) Have a good time. We have put everything on the line to open Sage Bird Ciderworks and to create a unique space and positive atmosphere. COVID makes things difficult for everyone, but following our simple rules can make it just a little easier.


what's on tap?

We Have a Cider for Every Palate


DRY RIVER RESERVE  //  Dry (0% Residual Sugar)  //  7% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes - Crisp, dry, refreshing. Lightweight on the tongue with mild to moderate tannin. Balanced acidity with a hint of earthiness in the middle. Made from a blend of Virginia-grown apples.

Taproom - 10 oz glass

To-Go - 32 oz Traveller (Crowler)  //  32/64 oz Growler

SWEET SHENANDOAH  //  Off-Dry (2% Residual Sugar)  //  7% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes - Off-dry with noticeable sweetness. Moderate body with mild tannin. Slightly sub-acid with a hint of earthiness and minerality in the middle. Made from a blend of Virginia-grown apples.

Taproom: 10 oz glass

To-Go: 32 oz Traveller (Crowler)  //  32/64 oz Growler

HIP HOP  //  Dry (0.3% Residual Sugar)  //  6.9% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes - Dry, bright, and juicy. Notes of grapefruit, peach, orange, and pine followed by moderate tartness and floral backbone. Noticeable hop character with zero bitterness. Balanced acidity with some perceived sweetness. Red hue from rose hips. Reminiscent of a modern juicy IPA. Made from a blend of Virginia-grown apples infused with rose hips and dry-hopped with aromatic hops. 

Taproom: 10 oz glass

To-Go: 500ml bottle  //  32 oz Traveller (Crowler)  //  32/64 oz Growler

Age Old Apples Series (Single Varieties)

Most folks are surprised to learn that there are over 2,500 different apple varieties grown in the United States. Our Age Old Apples series showcases these varieties and explores the world of funky, old-school, uncommon apples. Taste multiple varieties side-by-side for a unique experience that highlights unique characteristics of each apple.



ALBEMARLE PIPPIN  //  Dry (0% Residual Sugar)  //  8.1% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes - Vanilla, ripe apple, grape. Full bodied and complex. Balanced acidity with pleasant perceived sweetness. Reminiscent of a full bodied dry white wine. Made entirely from Albemarle Pippin apples.

Taproom - 10 oz glass

To-Go - 750ml Bottle

ARKANSAS BLACK  //  Dry (0% Residual Sugar)  //  7.5% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes - Green apple with hints of strawberry in the middle. Moderate body with mild to moderate tannin. Tart and moderately acidic with a hint of minerality and earthiness on the end. Made entirely of Arkansas Black apples.

Taproom: 10 oz glass

To-Go: 32 oz Traveller (Crowler)  //  32/64 oz Growler

Specials and Seasonals

STAY GOLD  //  Dry to Off-Dry (1% Residual Sugar)  //  evening 7.1% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes - Golden apples, fresh fruit, subtle earthiness. Balanced acidity with subtle sweetness and mild tannin. Our West Virginia tribute cider (Golden Delicious is the state fruit of West Virginia). Made with Golden Delicious, VA Gold, and Goldrush apples.

Taproom - 10 oz glass

To-Go - 750ml Bottle

*COMING SOON* DOLLY HOPS  //  Off-Dry (1.5% Residual Sugar)  //  6% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes - Blueberry, strawberry, honey dew melon, subtle pine and earthiness. Fresh fruit sweetness with balanced acidity. Made from a blend of Virginia-grown apples infused with bluberries and dry hopped with aromatic hops.

Taproom: 10 oz glass

To-Go: 32 oz Traveller (Crowler)  //  32/64 oz Growler

*COMING SOON* PASS THE SAUCE  //  Off-Dry (1.5% Residual Sugar)  //  6.2% Alc. by Vol.

Tasting Notes - Oak, vanilla, tart cranberry. Fresh fruit sweetness with moderate acidity. Tartness of the cranberry countered with soft vanilla of the oak. Moderate tannin. Made from a blend of Virginia-grown apples infused with cranberries and two different toast levels of American oak.

Taproom: 10 oz glass

To-Go: 32 oz Traveller (Crowler)  //  32/64 oz Growler


SPARKLING CIDER  //  Sweet  //  Non-Alcoholic

Tasting Notes - Fresh apple cider. Bright, sweet, and full body. Made from a blend of apples from Timberville, VA.

Taproom: 10 oz glass

To-Go: Not currently available


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